Sunday, April 09, 2006

All photographs have been taken by Upfront Pictures
All the work that follows is for sale. Some of the work is on display in Salleels d'Aude iat the centre European du Patchwork-. the exhibition finsihed in the second week in May and i will be attending personally to pick up the work so can ship the work once it is picked up. I have put descriptions and sizes underneath each work and have also posted a detail shot when I have them.
Poppy Lace- this piece is inspired by the poppies that laced the wheatfields of my childhood. The poppies have been gocco printed and then guttad. The transparent panel in th eleft side is lutrader which has been transfer dyed and printed with a linocut. This piece measures about 180 cms wide and 2.5 metres long and is priced at $ 1250 US which includes shipping.

Gellibrand Lace- the green maps are of our property in Gellibrand and has been printed with gocco on silk- detailing our garden etc ( it came form the idea that at the beginning of my exhibition I started with a map of the island where my fathers family first settled) and I wanted to end with a map that is also another aspect of migration. The dna strands are guttad and painted silk. This piece is about 80 cm wide and 180 cm long and is priced at $600 US which includes shipping.

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Blogger Sara said...

oh, a new dijanne!! you are doing a wonderful work! i missed the beginning of all this and i'm happy that i discovered you once more the first thing in 2007!
this is an ethereal work. the pieces are so light now!
now i must read the blog because i got caught on the photos and i want to know the background!
a happy and inspired 2007!
Sara Lechner

6:39 AM  
Blogger Feather on a Wire said...

These pieces are delightful, off to buy a lottery ticket so I can buy them all!

4:44 AM  
Blogger corryna said...

I love your work. Therefore I added your blog to the list of links on my blog. I hope you are OK with it.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Wow I wish I lived somewhere that you are doing classes - if you ever come to the UK contact The Bramble Patch shop - they would have you do a workshop like a shot - and please let me know!!!
Clare Wassermann

11:48 PM  
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