Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Breaking All the Rules

Beginner- Advanced, 2 day workshop

This is a two day workshop with the aim of completing a quilt top up to 140 cm square in dimension. (participants can work smaller if desired or make a rectangular top- it is flexible). We will use simply colour contrast- like light/dark, bright/dark, patterned/plain and perhaps use one or two highlight colours.

The idea is to make a top which suggests geometry but which is created by free machine appliqué or piecing in such a way that nothing meets, and yet it still looks geometric. The choice of method is up to the participant. The finished top has a definite ethnic “feel” or impression- for example adinkra cloth from Africa, or mud cloth form Mali.

The second day we will create borders that tell a story to go with the central panel- your favourite shapes or the interpretation of a child’s drawing, anything at all

The appliqué will be free machine appliqué, so a darning foot will be essential.

I can provide hand dyed cloth at a cost of 20 euros per metre.


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