Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Print Your Own Fabric

Beginner to Advanced- 1 day workshop.

This workshop is designed to show participants simple techniques to create individual fabric which can be made at home without great expense.

This is a good workshop in conjunction with the dyeing workshop as hand dyed fabrics lend themselves to being printed- however commercial fabrics can also be printed.

Methods include printing with foliage/leaves/seed pods, found objects or anything with a relief surface, linocuts, stamps, bubble wrap, doilies and stencils. I will demonstrate how to make a simple a linocut, and a stencil with plastic contact paper.

I will provide a number of lino-cuts and stencils for participants to use in class.

There is a cost of 12 euros for printing inks per participant for the use of printing inks which will include at least one metallic printing ink and a pearlescent ink.


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