Sunday, April 09, 2006

Walcheren lace- this piece was the first piece of lace for my exhibition- it has a map of the island Walcheren where my fathers family migrated to after escaping the religious wars in the South of France. Walcheren has now been joined with another island but in 1570 the time of the first recorded birth it was still an island. I arranged it in a "decorative" fashion to reference lace- because th etimeline of the development of lace almost met the timeline of my family. The maps have been gocc printed on silk and the dna strands are hand painted silk and gutta. the shadows are an intrinsic aspect of the pieces. This piece is about 80 cm wide and 180cm long and is priced at $600 US which includes shipping.

Bindi Lace. This was a piece I created to witness my first migrant years in Australia. We wer emoved to an area which was very hot and dry in summer. We would often go swimming in a local crek in the evneings to cool down, but in order to get there you had to negotiate bindiis which are prickly nasty seed pods that will pierce your flip flops. So i have used the bindii as a metaphor for thsoe first prickly years of being here and without language and family and all that ties you to place. And yet as I drew the bindiis in order to make the screens to print with a strange kind of beauty emerged as well- there were little faces there- and the shadows cats by this peice are an intrinsic part to its effect. This piece is about 130 cm wide and 2.5 metres long and is priced at $1100 US which includes shipping.
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wow.. nice design... the motif is from printing or weaving ?, and is it one side or two side ?

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