Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Inspiration in fabrication

Beginner-Advanced, 2 day workshop

This is a two day workshop designed to make an expressive original quilt top. It is a process class not a technique class although techniques will come into the discussion. Participants will be asked to choose an environment they enjoy, e.g. the sea or landscape, or a photographs/inspiration pictures they may have of flowers, windows, doors- anything at all, or abstract designs. It is a free form class in which I facilitate – which means everyone will be making their own individual piece, and I will offer suggestions, ideas or techniques which may help the development of the quilt. The participants will bring fabric to the workshop that reflects the environment (it is difficult to specify exactly as each participant will be doing something different- but a few larger pieces- up to 1 metre would be helpful to use as backgrounds)

The idea is to translate your chosen theme/picture/inspiration into fabric using any number of techniques and effects. We will also engage in some printing in order to create unique fabric and I will bring some lino-cuts for participants to use should they wish. There will be a small charge for the printing ink if used.

I can assist participants to draw cartoons form which to work if they are not confident in drawing skills. We will explore the use of texture through free machine appliqué and couching, and anything we can think of.

Most of the processes will be done with a machine and a darning foot is essential.

At the end of the class students will have explored a favourite environment or element, and will have used it for colour clues, texture ideas and have extended themselves using different machine techniques.


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