Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Playing with Tifaifai (Hawaiian) Tradition.

Intermediate- advanced- 2 day workshop. Some sewing machine skills necessary

This is the subject of my book Tifaifai Renaissance, published by Pride Publishing

The workshop is two days using the technique of the wonderful Polynesian appliquéd quilts, but using modern inspirations. You can use my designs, or you can create your own designs and I will show people how easy it is to create your own design. We will also use a simple colour palette of two contrast colours, and if necessary a third highlight contrast. The aim is to create an exciting quilt top.

The designs can be simple and small and made into blocks or larger and more intricate so that they can be made into a quilt top of about 40 inches (100 cms) square. The design will then be cut out and free machine appliquéd to background cloth. A darning foot is essential. The second day will be spent discussing and designing borders to complement the quilt top. This is an important aspect of any quilt.

I can provide patterns for participants to use, or can assist students in creating their own Tifaifai designs.


Blogger teri springer said...

Too cool that you posted "Touch of the Lady" as an example. I am SO happy to wake up every morning to it!!

Please let me know the next time you are going to be in the US. I would like to try to set up a workshop for you to teach at my new studio!


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